Custom Elements

Custom Elements



Want to add a link to your webpage? Use a button! Buttons are a great way to make webpage navigation easy. Click the button below to learn more.


What is Bootstrap? Bootstrap is a framework designed to enable web responsiveness, UCCS also uses this to organize content! To learn more, click the button below.


Tables are a great way to organize information on your webpage to make it easy for users to navigate, click the button below for more information.


PDF Embed

Embedding PDFs are a great way to display information on you webpage while also allowing easy access to users. For more information on how to embed your PDFs, click the button below.

Font Awesome Icons

UCCS uses a tool called Font Awesome to introduce icons to webpages! To learn how to add icons to your webpage, click the button below.


Webforms are a great way to interact and gather tailored information from your users. To learn how to make your own webform, click on the button below.